Restarting a content selling website

In 2012, I bought the domain name The idea of course was to sell web content and traffic building  SEO articles.

I knew going in there were many websites selling content – from all over the world. And of course the prices they were charging were lower than low.

The material they were selling reflected the prices, but I though enough web owners would realize that material like that would only undercut their efforts to establish a good online reputation. I was wrong.

That was just about the time that Google began their war against junk content. If you remember, the search results were dominated by Ezine type websites. It was just about impossible to find anything worthwhile.

With those two positives in my corner, I felt good about the prospects for a content seller that offering solid material at a decent rate. As I said I was wrong, but now three years later, I’m giving it a go again. Here are my reasons:

The message has sunk in

Several algorithm revisions and many fallen websites later, the message that Google will only reward good content has been accepted. One gauge of this is the scarcity of websites offering to write content. There are some, but not the numbers of a few years ago.

Ghost writing is not easy, and for a reseller, there is not a huge profit. Plus it takes work. The right writer for each job has to be found; the assignments have to be closely monitored, and of course the work must be guaranteed.

 The social connection

With the notion that content is only for SEO, there comes a certain disregard for its value. If the only people likely to see it are searching on the internet, its natural to not too concerned about possibly disappointing them.

But when the material is likely to be viewed by clients, or prospects, its an entirely different matter. Of course one does not have to link content to social media, but these days just about every one does.

The numbers are persuasive

When comparing the relative value of advertising to its expense,  buying worthwhile content makes a compelling case. It may be the only marketing tool that actually grows in value.

A marque article that lands a top search position can generate a lot of income. With an occasional tweak or copy addition, it should maintain its position for years to come.

And – to quote a famous marketing saying – ‘there’s more’. That same traffic bearing Google article also can a social media life, generating many likes, shares, hits, and new customers.

Finally, I believe that internet marketers and web owners have concluded that mediocre content is just a waste of time and effort. While there is nothing I can point to that bolsters this belief, the evidence is so strong that no one can ignore it.

Time will tell, and I will report what actually happens.