A Few Benefits Of Landing Pages

There are many benefits landing pages provide to businesses, but their main aim is to encourage conversions. Any action completed by a current or potential customer that encourages the growth of your business is a conversion, like joining your email list, buying your products or services or downloading some kind of content material. However, in most cases, people don’t engage instantly when they are presented with a conversion action, particularly if they need to provide their contact details or make a purchase.

Landing pages provide extra details and focused direction that encourage conversions, which will usually convert visitors into customers. In this post, we will look at the best way to use landing pages on your blogs, in email marketing and on social media.

The Best Way to Use Landing Pages on Your Business Blog

Increase Blog Subscribers

A subscription list is a great way to promote your business blog, which allows readers to stay updated on your most recent posts. A landing page is useful in this situation to encourage more sign-ups. When visitors click on a call to action to enroll, send them to a landing page that will make it clear what they will be getting when they sign up and give them more details on the purpose of the blog and how they will benefit from signing up.

Collect Data on Your Target Market

Once people sign up on your blog’s landing page, now is a good time to ask them what they are looking for or are interested in. That way, you can custom make your content to your audience. Some questions you might ask, “What is your biggest hurdle right now?” or “Is there a topic you want to learn more about?” Minimizing the number of actions visitors have to take on a landing page is a good practice; however, this one extra form field provides very valuable data to your business.

Be as User-Friendly as Possible

An additional great use of landing pages for a small business blog is to make your visitors feel welcome. Always welcome subscribers and first-time visitors and let them know exactly how to take advantage of your blog, the best way to give feedback and how they can have their input on new topic ideas. This shows that you are focused on serving their needs, produce a user experience that is positive and to give your business a more personal touch. Give them the option to share your blog on social media networks, which gets your business blog in front of even more potential customers.

The Best Way to Use Landing Pages for Email Marketing

Minimize the Concern for Visitors to Enroll

There are a number of way and places where you could encourage visitors to enroll in your email list. It could be on the homepage of your business website, on your blog or perhaps in posts on social media. Your landing page should let people know exactly what they will get for enrolling.

The landing page should outline the content of your emails. Businesses offer a variety of content combinations in their email like company news, marketplace reports, blog post and content links, customer features, social media highlights and announcements of events.

Give the visitor a reason to enroll in your email list like offers only available to email subscribers, a peek behind the scenes and being the first to get access to new promotions. Also, on your landing page, let your subscribers know they won’t be bombarded with emails once they subscribe. Let them know they can change their preferences or opt out anytime.

Your subscribers will increase and you will minimize your unsubscribes when you use your landing page to eliminate doubt when enrolling on your email list and when subscribers know exactly what they will be getting and how often.

Take Advantage of Email Unsubscribes

You never want to see people unsubscribe from your email list, just know it will happen, and for a variety of reasons. Use another landing page when users unsubscribe to bid them a friendly goodbye and to find out the reason for them unsubscribing. This gives your business a personal touch and shows you respect their decision. This is also a great time to understand your target audience and exactly why they are opting out of your email list. Give them a link to opt back in if they happen to change their mind down the line.

Then again, unsubscribing might not mean that the user isn’t interested in your business anymore. Some people might not use email that often while others get too many emails and other people might only want bite-sized pieces of content. In those scenarios, use your landing page to let them know of other ways to stay in touch, like via social media.

Using Landing Pages for Social Media

From Your Profile, Link to a Landing Page

Virtually every social media business provides an area to input a link. While most businesses will send people to their homepage, it might be better to use a landing page here. The landing page could highlight new campaigns such as a new eBook or webinar. It could encourage visitors to enroll in your email list or to subscribe to your blog. Facebook business pages provide an option at the top of the page to include a call to action button, like sign-up. Clicking this button should send the user to the most appropriate landing page.

Include Landing Page Links In Lead Generating Content

Social media networks are the perfect place to promote offers and generate leads from people who input their contact details. Social media posts or ads are the usual forms of promotion. The user should be sent to a landing page for more details about the offer once they click the link in the post or the ad. This provides warm leads and increases the odds of them inputting their email address to get the offer. The language and tone of the content should be consistent with the platform the visitor is coming from or to the content you usually post on that social media platform.

Promote Products on Pinterest

If your business is product based, you might want to set up a landing page on Pinterest. On the boards there, you can post images of your products and direct the link to a landing page for that specific product. You can provide more details about the features and advantages of the product and how to buy it.

Once your landing page is used in combination with your email, blog and social media marketing campaigns, you give people to change to make an informed decision regarding your business. This results in subscribers, leads and the customers you get will be of a higher quality since they know precisely what they are getting, and you are guaranteed it is exactly what they are looking for.


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