New Traffic Building Service

I’m debuting a new traffic building service based upon content optimization.

My approach is unique (at least as far as I know). It works with the content already written and published on an existing website.

The service begins by evaluating published content from an SEO perspective. It then applies a number of content optimization techniques proven to be highly effective for boosting visibility and traffic. Here a few of the techniques I use:

  • Semantic keyword association
  • Interlinking
  • Outbound authority site linking
  • URL optimization
  • Alt tags

The added levels of optimization give search engines more ways to recognize the content. This leads to greater overall visibility and increased traffic.

The quality of the traffic improves as well. The added optimization enables search engines to match search inquires more closely to the core message of the website.

More qualified inquires leads to greater sales conversions.

The results of the optimization service can be very quick – particularly when compared to conventional SEO methods.

The content already exists, so it does not need to be re-indexed. The optimization builds on what has already been established.

Finally, the service is affordable. There are no contracts or usage agreements.

The base rate for an article of 500 words is $25, with a $100 minimum.

For more information, please contact me, or complete the following form:

Three easy ways to increase traffic

Getting Google to send traffic is no easy task.  As our focus naturally goes to the big issues like content development and link building, its easy to overlook the smaller tactics. Some of these tactics, like the three I discuss in this article, can have a big impact on traffic  – quickly. I’ve used  all three many times with great […]

Online identity

When the internet began, it suffered an immediate credibility gap. Wild claims and promises made by early websites were viewed as such, and the new medium seemed destined to remain a digital flea market.

At some point in the process Google came along and took action to clean house. In many ways they did – and that’s important. But in more meaningful ways they did not – and that’s more important.

Today’s internet is an amalgamation of legitimate information and complete fabrication. The troubling part is that knowing the difference is almost impossible.

That simple fact puts those interested in the truth – and their own reputation – in a defensive position. The truth of something is less important than the capacity to publish in a vehicle Google considers credible.

Whether we choose to bury our heads in the sand or mold our destiny is a decision each of us has to make. If you choose the later, understand that social media is not going to help.

The information on Facebook and Linkedin, and other similar websites, does not belong to the person behind the profile; it is the property of those organizations. In order to have control over personal information you must put it on your own website.

If you find merit in this reasoning, watch this space for information on personal websites and other strategies.