With a background in direct marketing, I immediately understood the power of email marketing.

In the late 1990’s through 2003, I introduced email marketing to a number of companies in the Los Angeles area. I trained their staff, and provided ongoing consulting services as needed.

Since 2003, I have worked with fewer clients, but in greater depth. Here are the key areas:

  • Helped establish campaign objectives and goals
  • Proposed budgets
  • Determined target audience
  • Suggested offers and promotions
  • Evaluated test results with improvement options
  • Designed and and wrote numerous campaigns
  • Outsourced services when necessary
  • Built and maintained data and design archives
  • Extensive A/B and sector testing
  • Survey polling
  • Random sample probability testing
  • Compared results with industry standards
  • Made data based recommendations
  • Made experienced based recommendations
  • Google Analytics
  • System tools provided by email company