As an internet marketer, my goal is finding visitor who are likely to become customers.

This may seem obvious and have you asking ‘what else would you be doing’, but actually, most internet marketers are more interested in total numbers.

Large numbers impress clients, and most websites monetize based upon the sheer number of people who are driven to their site.

That’s where I’m different; my clients are typically not selling ads or acting as affiliates; sheer numbers are not important. All that really matters is a sales conversion of some kind.

Favorite ways of bringing this about

During the time I’ve been doing internet marketing I’ve experimented with a variety of strategies. My favorites include certain forms of Facebook marketing, direct media contact, and the one I am going to discuss today: guest posting.

Facebook marketing is strong because results are very quick – and very targeted. The number of ‘Likes’ – and resulting web traffic from one properly executed blog post can be staggering.

Direct media contact is a highly focused effort that requires pitching reporters and bloggers on a client story. It is usually a challenging and time consuming process, but when it works, there is a big payoff.


Guest posting

A related approach, and the subject of this post, is to secure valuable guest blogging opportunities. The idea is to find a blog that serves a market similar to yours, post on that blog, and add new readers and subscribers.

The post will typically be promoted by the blog, and almost always generates new email subscribers, as well as a link from the blog itself.

The concept is simple, but effective execution takes a bit of work. Putting all the pieces together is a service I provide.


The heavy hitters in just about every industry are well known and easy to find. The tough part is getting them to grant the post. They are inundated with requests, and while guest posts are a service to their readers, they are very discriminating.

A better strategy is to locate someone a bit of the radar who has a solid reputation and a following that resembles your own. Chances are he/she will be more receptive. The value added for their readers is attractive, and they may be interested in reciprocal possibilities.

Uncovering these potential gems is a large component of my service.

The pitch

Just being who are you is not enough. When I contact a blog owner I like to have a specific idea to pitch. I present it in a context that will appeal to the audience the blog has cultivated.

I like to have images when possible. A video is even better. Both of these elements add value to their blog, and makes your post even more attractive.

Your content

Not every expert is a writer, and not every writer understands how to best write for online audiences. I provide writing and enhancement services that are targeted to the audience of the blog.

In most cases this is simply a matter of reworking the structure to accommodate readers with short attention spans. If a complete article is needed, in most cases I work with a professional ghost writer experienced in your field.

Adding a conversion method

When new readers see your article, a certain percentage will want to learn more about you and the services you provide. The best way to encourage them to signup for your email list is with a premium.

An insightful ebook is great. If you have any kind of membership option on your site, a free introduction works well. If there is nothing currently available, then the promise of future great material will still work with many.

The final key to maximizing the guest post opportunity is connecting with the other blog owner. This opens the possibility of reciprocal posting, and provides a valuable conduit for information specific to your industry.

For information on this or any other service, please contact me.