A Few Benefits Of Landing Pages

There are many benefits landing pages provide to businesses, but their main aim is to encourage conversions. Any action completed by a current or potential customer that encourages the growth of your business is a conversion, like joining your email list, buying your products or services or downloading some kind of content material. However, in […]

Landing page design is about the user experience

Designing a landing page or website involves many elements, but one thing to always consider is user experience. From the layout of the page, to the colors, all these are things you need to think about when thinking about user experience. This is because at the end of the day, if the user does not […]

Digital marketing and direct marketing

What do direct marketing and digital marketing have in common? As it turns out, a great deal. first and foremost, they are both marketing systems. That means that they are subject to the same checks and balances. Do they provide a reasonable return on investment? Can they be scaled? What are their time frames? And […]

Digital marketing and blogging

If you want to grow your business via digital marketing, get ready to blog. Or, plan on hiring someone to do it for you. At the end of the day, blogging is what counts. The reason is simple: because that’s what Google wants. But they want more than just words on a page. They want […]


Blogging may not be the activity you most look forward to. But if you want your blog, or website to be seen by Google, it really is necessary. I’ve learned this from experience with my blog, richardweisskopf.com. You would think that ranking first for a name search would be easy with an exact match blog, […]

Internet marketing and web design

My time is pretty much divided into two areas: web design and internet marketing. I’ve noticed some interesting aspects of each that in many ways, really make very little sense. Clients, with very rare exception, see web design as an expense. As with any expense, the inclination is to negotiate the lowest price. For some […]