Internet advertising in – SEO out

Internet marketing has changed. Just a few years ago it was about Google, and little else. The big social sites like Linked and Facebook were still in their building/planning mode – waiting to go public. When they finally did go public, they chose to monetize their websites with paid advertising – exactly as Google had […]

How to find new customers using Facebook

If you are seeking a way to drive qualified visitors to your website at an affordable rate, Facebook advertising may be the way to do it. Facebook’s database is the key Facebook will allow you to leverage their data base of member information by creating a custom audience. Members of this audience have many of […]

Is SEO dead?

For most marketers SEO is essentially dead. The risk/reward is simply no longer attractive. The expense and difficulty of making a website stand apart from competitors is prohibitive in virtually every competitive search category. Those categories have been worked for a decade or more – in many instances by large companies with extensive marketing budgets. […]

Expanding services

It’s been a constant question: should I add new services under my primary website,, or should I begin another site that is specific for those services? Over the last few years, I’ve gone back and forth. I began a web publicity site, then a content site, but both are inactive. I just didn’t have […]

Restarting a content selling website

In 2012, I bought the domain name The idea of course was to sell web content and traffic building  SEO articles. I knew going in there were many websites selling content – from all over the world. And of course the prices they were charging were lower than low. The material they were selling […]

New Traffic Building Service

I’m debuting a new traffic building service based upon content optimization. My approach is unique (at least as far as I know). It works with the content already written and published on an existing website. The service begins by evaluating published content from an SEO perspective. It then applies a number of content optimization techniques proven to be highly […]