Finding a traffic generating strategy that’s quick, affordable,  and has a high probability of success, is worth taking a look at.

There is one I especially like because it makes total sense – and I’ve seen it work.

This is a Facebook traffic/exposure play that follows a tried and true business idea: follow the leader – and copy their success.

First, a word about Facebook. Unlike other social media, like Google+, Facebook s not formed around groups. What unifies personal and fan pages is content.

When something particularly appealing is made available, people of like interests read it, like it and share it. In a sense, the material goes viral – or at least viral within the Facebook world.

If you think about it, it’s a lot easier for an interesting story to get wide circulation than it is for a business.  In fact, it is extremely unusual for a business to attract any interest whatsoever.

How the strategy works

To illustrate, lets assume we want to drive traffic to a sporting goods business with an online store. With 500 million Facebook users, we can safely assume there will be many possible buyers of sporting goods products.

The dilemma for the sporting goods company is how to attract interest.  They want  exposure – and visits that results from the exposure, but there is simply no way a story about a sporting goods company will get any interest.

However, a story about one of the products they sell can generate interest. An astute marketer does some homework, and discovers many, many popular articles.

For example, here’s a story on golfing tips that got 12,000 shares. That’s a big number for one article.

How does the sporting goods store leverage this information?  Simple. They write their own story on golf tips. Or perhaps use the article as a jumping off point. Take one or two of the tips and expand on the original information.

By doing this, they know that if they promote their article correctly, people interested in Golf will read it.

There is no guarantee that any of them will buy anything – but that is an entirely different marketing issue.

There are steps I skipped that need to be taken. Notably, a budget to advertise the new content. This may be as low as a few hundred dollars – certainly no more than $500.

Is an investment in content and $500 worth thousands of potential ‘impressions’ by clients? It certainly seems so.

I would call this ‘B’ traffic; certainly not the same as qualified buyers searching for a place to make a purchase. However, these visitors can become part of the pipeline for future sales.

For more information, and questions about the details of this or any other visibility strategy – contact me.