During the last several years I have provided marketing support for nonprofit organizations. Key accomplishments include:

  • Significantly increased attendance and revenue at major fundraising events
  • Developed email campaigns that lead to new subscribers and increased donation
  • Created event websites and integrated cost saving collection procedures
  • Applied for, and implemented Google For Nonprofits
  • Implemented many highly successful Adwords campaigns with the Google advertising grant

Google For Nonprofits

Google For Nonprofits is a free  program made available to 501(c)’s from Google. The program provides valuable technologies to help fundraising and awareness building campaigns.

There are five parts to the program, including the AdWords advertising grant. The grant provides $10,000 a month in free advertising. Other components include expanded YouTube potential.

I have introduced, and implemented parts of Google For Nonprofits to two different organizations. In both cases, there was great excitement with the potential from the program, but some skepticism as well. Both turned out to be accurate.

The potential is great, but work is required to realize the rewards. This is particularly true of AdWords. Fortunately, I have a back ground working with AdWords, and I was able to develop campaigns that were successful.

I believe strongly in Google For Nonprofits. The tools they offer for free are used by the world’s most successful marketers at considerable cost; I feel that every organization – large – or small – can derive significant short, and long term benefits.