If you are seeking a way to drive qualified visitors to your website at an affordable rate, Facebook advertising may be the way to do it.

Facebook’s database is the key

Facebook will allow you to leverage their data base of member information by creating a custom audience. Members of this audience have many of the same interests, buying patterns, and demographics as your actual clients.

This is a very efficient way to advertise, but it gets better.

Click charges can be incredibly inexpensive

If you forgo a typical ad, and instead use sponsored content to get visitors to click to your site, per click charges can be as little as .20 per visitor to your website.

A client of mine recently drew 6800 new – and very qualified visitors – to his website for just over $700.

If you are at all familiar with Google pay for click advertising, you will appreciate just what a bargain that was. Comparable charges on Google could easily have been 20x higher.

It’s quick to get up and running

There is no heavy market research required and ad development is equally fast. The time consuming aspect is the content development, but once that’s done, you ad can be up and running in a matter of hours.

To learn more about Facebook ad campaigns you can read Facebook for business marketing. If you would prefer to save time, you can contact me for information about my Facebook consulting service.