Internet marketing has changed. Just a few years ago it was about Google, and little else. The big social sites like Linked and Facebook were still in their building/planning mode – waiting to go public.

When they finally did go public, they chose to monetize their websites with paid advertising – exactly as Google had done a decade or so earlier.

The social media advertising model is about helping people make buying decisions by sharing information. It’s less direct than Google search type advertising, but not less effective, and typical much less expensive.

While comparing social media advertising to Google advertising is valid, the same cannot be said when comparing social media advertising to search engine optimization.

With some exceptions, notably found in micro geographic markets, SEO is a long, expensive, and for the most, part futile internet marketing endeavor.

Major keywords are virtually impossible to rank for – and why try, when social offers a far less expensive, and much quicker option.

A customer of mine recently spent about $1000 on Facebook advertising, which brought just under 7500 new prospects to his website. 75 or so bought something, and another 500 joined his email list.

The investment turned a profit immediately, and will have residual benefits for years.

I should also mention that the 6925 people who did not buy or join the email list are now being remarketed to on social media and other websites – at a very low cost.

Attempting to accomplish this via search engine optimization would simply never happen.