Digital marketing and blogging

If you want to grow your business via digital marketing, get ready to blog. Or, plan on hiring someone to do it for you.

At the end of the day, blogging is what counts. The reason is simple: because that’s what Google wants.

But they want more than just words on a page. They want the words to mean something, because strong content is how they get people to use their search engine.

If you turn back the clock a few years, you will remember the days of ezines and other poor-quality content offerings that filled up the Google search results.

To say they degraded the search experience would be an understatement. Searching for information in those days was pretty much a total waste of time.

A less than pleasing experience to be sure.

Seeking to improve that experience, and make their search engine a viable place to learn and discover, Google made publishing strong content a powerful incentive.

The deal was, and is, that strong and relevant and fresh content would be rewarded with better search position. In other words, publish something of value and get rewarded.

That has proven to be the case to a certain extent, but more is required to achieve those great page results. Notably, in-bound links from other websites.

When other websites link to yours, that shows credibility in the eyes of Google. They compare it to a vote of confidence.

Naturally, that vote has more meaning if it comes from a website of stature. For example, if you have a medical information website, and links to it – then you have something.

The combination of strong content and in-bound links is the essence of modern internet marketing. Both areas require a lot of effort and time.

Developing strong content for a niche that may be overwhelmed with material is no easy task. It seems that whatever topic one tries to write about has already been well covered.

Take web design for example. If there’s one, there must be a thousand articles on ‘best tips for a great website’. Any ‘how to’ topic has been written about by an endless stream of design and development blogs.

Even more difficult than finding new material is finding websites interested in providing those valuable links.

With all the obstacles and difficulties, is it worth the effort? Hard to really say.

In my opinion, it comes down to time frame. If you have a long-range view of your business, then a plan of gradual, but continuous content development make sense.

Figure the process of achieving any meaningful visibility will take years. That’s fine if you have years. Take it slow, and probably you will achieve some success.


If you don’t have years, than perhaps it’s better to not even try traditional organic online marketing.



Other options that will be far quicker included pay for click (PPC) with either Google, Facebook, Linkedin or twitter.


While no easy road to be sure, the advertising approach offers a much quicker solution that the organic one.









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