Marketing online

Internet marketing is time consuming – and as I have said before – not always worth it. But it’s important not to confuse  internet marketing with website marketing.

Internet marketing requires understanding and expertise in search engine optimization. SEO includes technical,  on-site issues, and keyword optimization. SEO requires understanding Google rules and policies – a full time job in and of itself.

SEO requires writing multi-purpose content, and understanding how to promote – but not over promote it. It requires understanding social media marketing, and much, much more.

Website marketing, on the other hand, is more basic, and skills from traditional marketing can be applied. In essence, a website is visual; the basic rules of graphic design apply.

It’s not a surprise, for example, that the most successful websites are simple, featuring strong graphic elements, plenty of white space, and strong typography.

Website marketing requires call to action prompts, special offers, and strong copy writing. Basic marketing and sales that are often ignored.

While there is a cost to outfitting a website with basic marketing features – it is minimal compared to the cost of internet marketing.  And unlike internet marketing, website marketing has a highly predictable positive return.