Online publicity: focusing on an audience

Online publicity generally uses external means to generate interest. The most common of these is press coverage, often initiated by a press release.

It’s an important distinction, as internet marketing begins with an internal function – creating content. Once written, the content is promoted in various ways, including social media.

Content marketing, as it is called, ultimately depends upon generating links to that content from other websites to readers with similar interests.

Successful online publicity means that the subject is mentioned by media sources, thereby brought to the attention of the readers.

Convincing influential media – whether online or offline – to publish information, is never an easy task. It’s a process that requires research and follow though.

Most online media are very niche focused; they attempt to carve out small audiences and deliver relevant news and information. By understanding their audience, it’s possible to enlist them as a partner in a publicity campaign.

A recent example illustrates this point. A client specializes in holistic medicine. While she has an excellent reputation in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California, she is unknow outside of California.

As she is interested in broadening her reputation, we decided to ask the larger medical blogs and websites to publish an exclusive article on a topic in her area of expertise.

The response was tepid, so we decided to narrow our focus to smaller media that covered her specific audience. This required more articles, and hence more work, but it turned out to be well worth it.

The smaller, focused media were thrilled to publish her work. They gave the articles prominent position in their blogs, and promoted directly to their readers via email and social media.

The results were better than we could have hoped for; a big increase in her email list, links back to her website, and numerous favorable comments.

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