Online publicity: focusing on an audience

Online publicity generally uses external means to generate interest. The most common of these is press coverage, often initiated by a press release. It’s an important distinction, as internet marketing begins with an internal function – creating content. Once written, the content is promoted in various ways, including social media. Content marketing, as it is […]

Social media advertising

There are a number of ways to advertise on Facebook, but they all have one thing in common: targeting. FB allows advertisers to leverage their huge database of personal information: location, age, hobbies, charities supported, loves, hates – on and on. They will even create an ‘ideal audience’ by taking your email last and finding […]

Social media advertising similar to traditional

It’s interesting how the ‘new media’ is starting to look just like the ‘old media’, as least as far as advertising is concerned. Both have a mass audience – although social sites like Facebook and Twitter obviously have far greater reach than any news publication and TV channel. Both require ‘creative’ – although digital ads […]

Internet advertising in – SEO out

Internet marketing has changed. Just a few years ago it was about Google, and little else. The big social sites like Linked and Facebook were still in their building/planning mode – waiting to go public. When they finally did go public, they chose to monetize their websites with paid advertising – exactly as Google had […]

How to find new customers using Facebook

If you are seeking a way to drive qualified visitors to your website at an affordable rate, Facebook advertising may be the way to do it. Facebook’s database is the key Facebook will allow you to leverage their data base of member information by creating a custom audience. Members of this audience have many of […]