Marketing Opportunity

Online advertising from social media gives new targeting options. If you could devise the perfect advertising scenario, what would it be? Would you start with a group of highly qualified prospects who are of a certain age, live near your business, and have other qualities you find important? Would you be willing to pay just pennies a piece only when qualified prospects visited your website?

It may sound totally impossible, but It’s not. Businesses can create ideal advertising conditions with the data collected by internet companies like Facebook. Remarkably enough, advertisers can leverage the enormous date accumulated by Facebook to create their ideal target audience.

Advertising and marketing people tend to overstate things, and I’ll admit to doing the same. But, coming from a direct marketing background where targeting was of the utmost importance, I am simply amazed by the opportunity presented by this technology.

Shared data

The audience targeting opportunity is made possible by Facebook’s willingness to share data about the millions of users in their database. To illustrate  how much information they have, wrote a great post entitled: What Does Facebook Know About You – An Analysis. Here are some of the things they identified:

  • Your Name
  • Where you were born
  • Where you currently live
  • Your phone
  • Your email address
  • Your present employment
  • Prior places of employment
  • Your relationship
  • Your anniversaries
  • Your prior relationships
  • Your Prior names
  • Screen names you have used
  • Access to your address book
  • The names of family members
  • Your birthday
  • Your religious views
  • Physical address
  • Web address
  • Your sexual preference
  • Your gender
  • Languages you speak
  • Views on politics
  • Your friends
  • Books and publications you have read
  • Musical groups you like
  • Films you’ve seen
  • Television shows you listed to
  • Games you play
  • The foods you eat
  • Restaurants you go to
  • Sports and activities you enjoy
  • The websites you go to
  • People who inspire you
  • Your favorite brands of clothing
  • The places you  visited
  • Events you and friends go to or plan on attending
  • The major events in your life – dates and locatons
  • Photos and wall posts you’ve downloaded
  • Your private  messages
  • Groups and networks you belong to – and did

It’s hard to believe we have surrendered so much of our privacy. But, whether right or wrong, we can deliver our message in a manner that a few years ago would have be unthinkable.

If you would like to know how to target and create an ideal audience for your product or service, please contact me.