Why is an internet marketing guy and web designer talking about directing marketing?

Under the heading of ‘everything old becomes new’, I am restarting my direct marketing website www.gotdirectmail.com.

I don’t have a great deal of evidence that direct marketing is making  comeback – in fact I have none.  But I do have a suspicion that many businesses are looking for something other than internet marketing.

The truth of internet marketing is sometimes hard to swallow. It takes time – a lot of time-  to generate a flow of traffic – and then sales conversions.

Many have discovered that traffic, and sales conversions, are two very different challenges.

As publishers of information, we expect a certain response from people who read what we write. But they see the the free information exactly as that.

When a client is having difficulty getting email subscriptions – let alone sales – I ask how many times in the past months did they subscribe to an email list from a site they visited. The answer is almost always -zero’.

The point is that it’s hard to get people to part with anything – especially money – when online. Is it any different with direct mail?

The answer – predictably – is that it depends. Direct mail can target prospects in a manner that internet marketing can not.

Notice that I said ‘target prospects’. That is different than ‘appealing to prospects’, as one might do with social media marketing.

It is also quite different than ‘being available’ for prospects, as one might do with search engine marketing.

Direct marketing is all about targeting likely buyers, and that is essentially what I restarted Gotdirectmail.com.

Other than making phone calls, direct mail is the fastest way to reach new prospects. In the coming weeks, I will share what I learned during the years I spent designing direct mail campaigns.