Online public relations is a largely misunderstood, but yet vital component of online marketing. While similarities exist with traditional print PR, the online version has its own unique methods as well:

Press release syndication to online media

Similar to traditional methods, the process of getting online media outlets to provide information to their readers begins with a press release. It’s important for release to actually provides news, and in our case, the introduction of a new business model into the marketplace certainly qualifies.

Media outlets potentially interested in our story number many; they would include business and real estate websites and blogs, as well as news organizations serving the greater NY area. The costs for a comprehensive online press release campaign is approximately $1,000 (includes the news release).

Please note that the campaign should be repeated at least twice, and preferably three times.

Target journalists

As press release syndication paints with a wide brush, the process of finding specific journalists to cover the story is a more narrow effort, requiring one -on-one communication. While not absolutely essential, a relatively small investment in this process has a big potential. One well known journalist can influence many people. Approximate cost: $1,000

Press release distribution to social media bookmark sites

Social media bookmark sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, and others, have come in to their own. With enormous readership in highly targeted interest areas, special versions on the main news release should be created, and then distributed to this group. Approximate cost: $750

Guest blogging

Special interest blogs, especially those in the business sector, are very keen on publishing blog posts for guest contributors, if:

The blog post is 100% original content
It is detailed, and well researched
It provide value to their readers

Guest blogging is a powerful strategy to build awareness, and create traffic. Approximate cost: $1,000