Aggressive social media benefits all

How Aggressive Marketers Use Social Media to Benefit Both Businesses and Consumers

The way aggressive marketers are using social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn benefits businesses and consumers. Keeping up with the latest trends in social media is critical for the survival of business marketers in the digital marketing world and provides them with a platform for supplying consumers with informative content, a feeling of community, open communication and transparency.

Social media involves more than just social networking sites but includes creating informative and powerful content for blogs, EBooks, podcasts and white papers. Consumers are more knowledgeable and demanding than in the past and insist on detailed information about products and services from business marketers.

Benefits for Businesses

When utilizing the capability of marketing through social media, businesses gain exposure to a worldwide audience that generates interest in the company. This exposure allows companies to promote their websites, services and products instantly, which increases lead generation, sales and search engine ranking. A social media marketing campaign also gathers market intelligence that helps grow targeted traffic to the company.

The competitive advantage of aggressive inbound marketing using social media is leaps and bounds above outdated outbound marketing techniques that pushed products in a one-way communication method, such as home mailings and commercials. Today’s well-informed consumers find these passé marketing techniques rude and pushy, driving them away from the product rather than attracting them.

Another benefit for social media marketing for businesses is the low cost. Traditional marketing campaigns cost companies millions of dollars, while YouTube videos, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other networking sites are free. Even companies on limited budgets can take advantage of aggressive social media marketing campaigns.

Benefits for Consumers

Consumers benefit from social media marketing because they can find the products and services they need quickly and efficiently, as well as share information and experiences about the product with thousands of other users. This business to consumer transparency builds trust in the company brand and enhances the consumer’s experience on a personal level.

Two-way interactive conversations between consumers and businesses using news feed posts and chat rooms, increases customer satisfaction, leading to repeat sales. Through this B2C communication, businesses understand customer’s needs, analyzing them and producing services and products that fulfill those needs.

Customer’s check their Twitter and Facebook feeds several times a day at work and at home, using their Smartphone, laptop or tablet. They see the most current sales, products and services available and can place orders instantly, putting the power into the consumer’s hands. Once passive observers, consumers now actively make their concerns known to businesses using social media interaction.

Social Media Marketing Challenges

One of the biggest challenges to a company’s marketing techniques is utilizing all that social media has to offer. The biggest mistake many marketers make is not participating in the current Internet trends. Many companies hire aggressive social media marketing professionals that ensure customer engagement

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