Expanding services

It’s been a constant question: should I add new services under my primary website,, or should I begin another site that is specific for those services?

Over the last few years, I’ve gone back and forth. I began a web publicity site, then a content site, but both are inactive. I just didn’t have the time to build out additional websites – not to mention market them.

Another thought was to market new services on this; my personal website, I went back and forth on this as well, finally deciding that it’s fine to talk about what you are doing, but to actively market under your name – well, I’m still not completely sure.

I was late to the concept of personal branding. I did not begin until 2014. Looking back, I would have started sooner. After all, it is a form of free publicity.

As for the new services on, they will be more focused on internet publicity than internet marketing. What’s the difference? It’s subtle – but there is one.

Internet publicity primarily employs media to gain exposure. In the internet world, media can include blogs, forum, websites, directories – and more.

I will be offering press release writing and distribution. This is an often overlooked, or misunderstood service. Many marketers believe press releases are simply another SEO trick – with no value.

The truth is that press releases, properly distributed, can bring valuable exposure to new markets. They have the potential of going viral, and can have a positive SEO impact.

They are especially helpful for new services – or for new websites.

Internet marketing, on the other hand – at least by my definition, is mostly keyword association on Google. More on this topic to come.