Getting Google to send traffic is no easy task.  As our focus naturally goes to the big issues like content development and link building, its easy to overlook the smaller tactics.

Some of these tactics, like the three I discuss in this article, can have a big impact on traffic  – quickly.

I’ve used  all three many times with great success. They are easy to implement and inexpensive.

Prepay 5 years in advance for your domain registration.

Why does it help to prepay your registration? Because Google believes it signals a long term commitment. They believe that websites planning to stay in business will try to attract new customers by publishing better content.

Better content is exactly what Google is looking for. Good content translates into a better experience for the visitor, which means more time using their search engine.

Whatever the logic, it works. The effect of registration prepayment can be immediate – and significant.

Tip: there are cheap domain registrars that charge as little as .99 a year. You can easily transfer your domain by pointing it to a new registrar – and then back to your server of choice for hosting.

Boost page load speed

Why does speed matter? Because site visitors hate slow websites. Since Google sees their mission as creating a better web experience – they hate slow websites too.

Having a fast website is good business. It prevents fast departures and lowers the bounce rate.  It is also believed that Google penalizes websites with page load speed in excess of 3 seconds. That means less traffic.

Does your site load in less than 3 seconds? Check it out here: Pingdom speed test. If you need help understanding the results, contact me for help.


If your site is running slow, consider having it evaluated. If there are no major problems, A CDN (content delivery network) is the least expensive, best way to boost traffic. For under $12 month, your page load time can increase dramatically.

CDN’s with good reputations:

It may also be worth looking at how your site is hosted. If you are on a shared server with GoDaddy, Bluehost, or the equivalent, an upgrade might be needed.

Inter page linking

This is the process of linking content within your site to similar content on another page.

Why does it matter? Because Google values links – even those created within your own website.

It’s important to understand that links function like votes; they ‘elect’ quality websites and content.  Inbound links from other websites are the goal, but your vote counts as well.

When you create internal links to your own content, you are sending a direct message that your content is important.

I hope you found the information on these techniques to be useful. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them. You can contact me here.