About me

My name is Richard Weisskopf. I am an internet marketer and web developer with a background in publishing and direct marketing.

During my career, I have been fortunate to work with many large companies, as well as individual proprietors. I enjoy working with both equally.

Internet marketing

There are many internet marketers with the skills to generate traffic for their clients. In and of itself, that’s not really much of a challenge.

What takes fineness is generating traffic that eventually contributes to the bottom line.

The marketing term for this is sales conversion: the act of a prospect becoming a customer.

Facilitating sales conversion is my core internet marketing skill.

How I do it

There are three elements necessary to make an online sale: the first is to direct a visitor to a website; the second is to pitch a message; the third is to moving the prospect though the sales funnel.

Generating traffic

Directing traffic to a website is no longer just a matter of Google focused SEO. For many businesses, social media marketing has a much quicker and reliable payoff.

Whether traditional SEO or social media marketing is the right method, content development is the basis for traffic generation.

My skill in this area is strategic planning. Understanding the role each form of content plays in the internet marketing process is vital to getting the maximum return on investment.

Pitching the message

When a visitor arrives at a website, there is very little time to make a positive impression and prevent a quick departure. In most cases, the effort is unsuccessful, resulting in a ‘bounce’.

The most successful websites are able to minimize their bounce rate with two parallel strategies: clear messaging, and a compelling, but minimalist design.

A minimalist design does not mean huge amounts of white space and black and white images. It does means that only the elements needed to convey a message are used – and none other.

This the design used at Webfour.net – my web design agency.

Nurturing the prospect

The online sales cycle online usually requires multiple visits. For most businesses, the first engagement point is an email subscription – or agreement to be notified.

Visitors are prompted to go to a landing page, and then provide their address. If the core sales message was clear and compelling, the visitor becomes a prospect.

For many internet marketers, this signals an end to their work.


As difficult as it can be to make that happen, the ball often gets dropped