What’s in a website?

If I’ve learned anything the past several years, it’s that people take their website seriously. Or, I would be more accurate in saying that serious people take their website seriously. And there is good reason. Many judgements are made based upon the look and feel of what is seen.

It’s human nature of course to make quick judgements.  While our first impressions of people are often proven wrong (as least for me), our first take on a website maybe fairly accurate.

Most of the work on a website is the design of the home page. Interior pages are usually templates. The most that’s done is to add an image or video, or play around with the type. The home page is a different matter. It speaks to identity, purpose, attitude.

I’m not go to go much further with this. Design is a big topic, and I’m getting over my head with every keystroke. I feel as if the sites I’ve designed have worked, if for no other reason than I keep making changes until they did.

I feel more comfortable getting past graphic design and into the broader importance of a website. For most companies and organizations, it is the center of the marketing effort. For a growing number –  it is the marketing effort.

Something called Inbound marketing has found a spot in our marketing vocabulary. Simply put, a website becomes an information source for a specific niche. In return for information, it provides services to that niche audience. For example, if you learn something on this website about internet visibility or publicity that has practical value, you may be inclined to use a marketing support service we offer.

It is hard to visualize anything that will lessen the importance of a website. If you have a different take, I’d be very interesting in hearing about it.


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